Portable 100-Gallon Compost Sack for Home Garden Composting


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If it’s true that haste makes waste, then this Portable 100-Gallon Compost Sack for Home Garden Composting turns that familiar expression on its ear. This sack is specially designed for helping compost quickly and efficiently, allowing you to turn organic waste materials back into rich, dark soil that will help your plants grow strong quickly. The strong outer material locks heat and moisture in while still allowing for necessary air circulation. The inner and outer materials and the locking synch cord also help keep odor down. Because of the portable design, you can easily carry this sack around as you work, collecting or dispersing compost. Available in 60- or 100-gallon sizes, this composting sack will have you turning waste into profitable haste.Portable 100-Gallon Compost Sack for Home Garden CompostingPortable design to gather or spread compost anywhereSpecial material locks in heat and moistureBuilt-in locking synch for sealingMade with strong, rot-resistant materialAvailable in 60- or 100-gallon sizeMade in the USADimensions:25.6L x 20.9W x 15H in.


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