Hammock Chair Spring


You’ll feel like you’re floating on air when you add an additional level of comfort, support and security to your hammock chair with this Hammock Chair Spring. Easily set up your hammock chairs indoors or outdoors with these weather resistant hardware. The chair spring adds a little bounce to your hammock relaxation.

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• Indoor / Outdoor capacity
• Supportive 8-inch coils
• Adds “bounce” for a floaty feeling


Get that floaty feeling when you attach the Hammock Chair Spring to your hammock chair. All it takes is hooking the spring to the hook and you’ve got a new shock absorber. For a few minutes’ work you’ve got more comfort and double the pleasure!

Try it indoors or out – the durable hardware is weather-resistant. So take a load off and enjoy the added lull of a smooth bounce. The 8-inch coils each contain 21 wound steel springs that are resilient and durable. Get even more hammock relaxation with the little Hammock Chair Spring.

Product(s) Ship to 48 Contiguous States
What’s Included 1 Spring
Warranty 1 Year
Brand Hammock Universe
Materials Steel
Recommended Storage After Outdoor Use Not required
Weight (lb) 2.1