Hammock Chain Hanging Kit


Don’t waste your time and effort with homemade hammock-hanging methods. With this Chain Hammock Hanging Kit, you’ll have all the appropriate hardware in place and ready to use. In just a few minutes you’ll be able to enjoy your hammock in a safe, secure manner. Check out our Hammock Accessories now.

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• Perfect for any style hammock
• Installs in minutes
• Package includes two sets
• Durable zinc-coated hardware
• Kit includes all parts to hang hammock or hammock chair
• For posts, trees and beams


Why mess with homemade trial-and-error hammock-hanging methods? There’s nothing worse than going back and forth to the hardware store when you forget a part. With this Universal Chain Hanging Kit there’s no need. Each kit includes two of everything – chain lengths, S-hooks and hooked eye bolts – so you’ve got all you need to set up your hammock. Whether your hammock has spreader-bars or not, this universal kit is the answer. It also works great for hammock chairs.

The hardware in the kit is treated with zinc so that it’s extra resistant to weather. No more worries about rust or metal fatigue. Just decide on your location, screw the eye bolts into the source (tree, beam, etc.), hang the S-hooks and sling the chain. Attach your hammock and you’re ready to relax.

Using the Universal Chain Hanging Kit with any hammock or chair in any location. Set it up in your back yard, under your balcony, or between your two favorite shade trees. With easy set-up and quality hardware, you’ll be lounging in minutes.

Product(s) Ship to 48 Contiguous States
What’s Included 2 S-Hooks, 2 Chains, 2 I-Bolts with Attached J-Hooks

(I-bolts are 4in long with 2in of thread – J hooks are 3in long – Chains are 18in long)

Warranty 1 Year
Brand Hammock Universe
Materials Steel
Recommended Storage After Outdoor Use Not required
Weight (lb) / Weight Capacity (lbs) 2    /    450