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Everything Home started like any good business should with a goal to provide improvement to a broken system. We have all been feed up with the 10 dollar an hour parttime sales clerk and their inability to find the parts we need to do a job or just find a midsize mini-refrigerator. Too often they pull up a website that you could have search and found it faster or they stand around with three other associates asking each other the same questions until you are frustrated and leave, empty-handed. There has to be a better home store.

Do we even need big-box brick and mortar home improvement stores?

So we asked do we even need a big box home improvement store? It turns out that the big box stores are turning more and more to online websites like this one to reach customers. With more and more customers shopping online perhaps we can provide an alternative to these big-name big box home improvement stores.

What makes us better than other online home improvement stores

Our current brands include American Standard, Elkay, Delta, Danby, Avanti, and this is just for starters! On Everything home’s website right now is everything from Refrigerators to hammocks, patio sets to dining sets.  In honor of our launch, here in the Tri-Cities, we are offering a 10 percent discount on everything we sale for the month of November. Simply enter code “Tri-Cities” at checkout.

Everything Home was built to address several issues that plague online selling platforms

  • For companies, we offer streamline product onboarding. Our team handles the often difficult and time-consuming task of loading products for you.
  • Optimization of products for search engines and online marketing of products is also handled by our team.
  • For customers, we offer a free one-year warranty on every item we sale along with an easy warranty and damage claim process.
  • One free product return every year. The free product return waives the industry-standard 20 percent return and restock fee
  • No one will ever pay a fee to have an account with us

We believe that charging for returns and charging fees for the ability to use a platform is wrong. So, we don’t do it. As customers ourselves, we know that sometimes items in the wrong size or color can be ordered, and even if these are put back in the shipping boxes, some companies will not allow returns or charge return fees that can be as much as 40 percent. Worse are the companies that make this process so complex that customers give up and keep the item. We all want to be treated fairly, don’t want to jump through hoops for returns, or pay fees so that we can buy things.

Everythinghome.shop is excited to serve you and help you find the right pieces for your home. Any questions can be directed to customerservice@everythinghome.shop

We are also accepting companies as suppliers on our platform. We do not require companies to use their time and staff to load products or charge fees for accounts and onboarding. Our team will handle this process from start to finish. Interested companies should reach out to our staff by email at Supplierrequest@everythinghome.shop

Check out some of our selection

American Standard

Toilets, Bathtubs, and bathroom sinks

Delta Faucets

Kitchen and bathroom faucets


Kitchen and utility sinks



Lets us be your better online home store.

Where most home stores will charge you for additional warranties Everything home gives you them for free see our Warranty page. Where other online stores will charge you fees to have an account or massive fees for just one return we do not believe that is how customers want to be treated. For more information see our Shipping and Returns page. We believe all of these changes will make us a better home store.